Tuesday, April 10, 2012

GIS Supervisor Position

Thanks to BSU Career Services for this announcement. Please consider applying if you are a graduate or soon will be. This is in many ways an ideal place for a geographer to work. In addition to specific technical skills, this job requires many of the interpersonal skills common to geographers (see item #7, for example).

Those who are not yet graduating -- or not yet majoring in geography -- please look at this carefully for one answer to the oft-asked question,"What can you do with a geography degree?"

Supervisor of Gas GIS Planning, NSTAR, Westwood, MA                                           Job ID # 5325

Essential Functions:

1. Supervise Gas Planners and other assigned staff responsible for updating the GIS. Responsible for quality control and timeliness of updates by assigned staff.
2. Design and manage the workflow for creating and maintaining GIS information. Maintain and update GIS standards and procedures.
3. Responsible for producing accurate GIS derived map products, in printed and electronic format, for use by Gas Operations.
4. Lead projects that support and expand the scope of GIS to internal and external customers. Assist with the integration of mapping projects into the day-to-day field operations of Gas Operations.
5. Support Gas Operations with the Tele-Dig (Dig Safe) system. Ensure that GIS programs and policies comply with state and federal regulations.
6. Manage performance by reviewing and evaluating work of employees. Identify, build consensus and communicate performance measures and expected performance levels. Assess and improve team and employee performance through coaching and on-the-job training.
7. Foster an environment of teamwork, creativity and problem solving. Share information and encourages participation in the decision-making process. Remove obstacles through communication with other areas.
8. Ensure compliance with regulatory and Company work rules and procedures. Understand and comply with the labor contract and work to resolve initial grievances. Initiate appropriate disciplinary action, when required. 

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