Monday, November 21, 2011

Geography Jobs -- Sooner and Later

Matt Rosenberg, our friend at, has two posted two new articles about working as a geographer. Geographer is a Hot Job reports on the growth in jobs with the actual title of geographer, many of which are federal-government jobs. As students in our senior seminar know, most geographers work under other titles, as Rosenberg also discusses. The AAG Careers page provides more information about what is available for geographers.

Geographers do have to work a bit harder at finding their niche, as reflected in slightly above-average unemployment rates compared to other disciplines. It is partly for this reason that the faculty in BSU's geography department work so hard at promoting the identity of geographers -- the best-kept secret in the job market.

When I worked in the private sector I asked my managers to use the Geographer title in combination with the established titles, so that I was once known as "Geographer and Assistant Regulatory Analyst."

Matt Rosenberg also offers a short-term proposition to employ geographers. Unpaid internships with can earn academic credit while helping a geographer to hone skills very important to our discipline: writing, being part of a team, and integrative thinking. More over, this job can be done at home in one's jammies, with no need to buy gas for the commute! Contact Matt for the position and me (Dr. Hayes-Boh) regarding the credit.

Minutes after I posted this, Patric Anjos shared a photo he took at the end of our seminar class last week. It shows the results of our brainstorming about jobs for which a geographic education would be good preparation.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


As National Geographic VP Daniel Edelson tells the ESRI community, Geography Awareness Week is an opportunity for geospatial professionals to serve their communities and share their enthusiasm for geography.

Writing for the Fall issue of ArcNEWS, Edelson describes a number of ways that geographers can demonstrate the value of our discipline, and provides links to further information about the week.

Geographers -- including department alumni and students -- can get directly involved by volunteering as judges for the umpteenth annual Geography Fair, taking place Saturday morning, November 19, in the Burnell School building on the BSU campus. Contact Dr. Domingo for directions on being part of the team.

It is also a good time for geographers to contact state and federal representatives about the need for geography education. Legislation is pending at both levels -- read the MGA blog for the latest information on how to have an impact.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Satire and Myths of New World Identity

From Epic to Satire: Early Peruvian Viceregal Contradictions and New American Subjectivities

The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program
Presents Distinguished Speaker

From "Columbus Day Sales" to Pirates of the Caribbean, the Western cultural imaginary just can't stop purveying stale myths about "Old World" vs. "New World" identities and interactions! Come hear Dr. Pedro Lasarte of Boston University shatter paradigms and keep it both real and complex in his talk.

Monday Nov. 21, 4:30
Heritage Room, Maxwell Library

Lecture followed by discussion 
Gourmet Refreshments will be served
Sponsored by the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program, the U.S. Ethnic Studies Program, and the Center for International Engagement

For more information, contact Dr. Leora Lev (LACS) or Dr. Hayes-Bohanan (Geography)