Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Summer Employment/Internship, The Rhode Island Department of Transportation, Providence and Statewide, RI

Thanks to BSU Career Services for the following announcement. This is exactly the kind of opportunity for which many of our geography students are well prepared.

 Job ID # 4911

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation will employ a select number of college students to be involved with the State’s expanding transportation program. This program will allow college students a unique opportunity to work alongside transportation professionals in such areas as Highway, Traffic and Bridge Design, Construction, Environmental Protection, Historic Preservation, Computer Information Systems, Materials, Legal Services, Audit, Planning, and Public Affairs. Appointments begin in mid-May and continue to early September. Salary is $9 - $13 hourly depending on your academic standing and experience. Assignments are available in Providence and Statewide.  This is a summer employment program. Students are expected to work full time throughout the tenure of the program.

Students can create their own username and password at https://www.myinterfase.com/bridgew/student/home.aspx to access this and all other Career Track listings. This particular position is  Job ID # 4911.

Please note:  All students interested in completing a credited internship need to get approval through the department.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

MACC Conference March 3

For geography -- or biology -- students interested in environmental careers or activism in Massachusetts, the Annual Environmental Conference sponsored by MACC is a golden opportunity. As a MACC member, I have attended many times in the past, and though I might not make it to this year's meeting, I strongly encourage students to attend. The sessions are very informative and the vendors include many potential employers. Lunch is included, which is both a nice meal and an opportunity for networking.

I see this year that MACC has followed my advise and created a student rate. They did not follow my advise completely though, and the cost remains a bit steep at $55. The department or the university may be able to provide some assistance, so please let us know if you are interested in attending.

Finally, if you do go, wear a bright BSU shirt so that our alumni can spot you!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Geography Education in Massachusetts

Over the past couple years, Dr. Domingo and I (Dr. Hayes-boh) and other members of the EarthView team have spent a lot of time at North Andover Middle School. We often stay for two days in a row so that we can participate in Family Geography Night. Mr. Robert Poirier organizes teachers from throughout the school to transform the whole school into a learning environment for students, siblings, parents, and neighbors, including local dignitaries.

The October 2011 Family Geography Night made a particular impression, receiving an Official Citation from the Massachusetts Senate for the dedication of Mr. Poirier and his team to education. The 2011 event was also notable for a special project undertaken by Mr. Poirier and North Andover High School student Alexander Gamble. Alexander interviewed us and filmed EarthView and other activities that evening, and the two of them produced a remarkably effective, five-minute video that supports geography education, with particular emphasis on our current legislative efforts.

We put the video online just yesterday, and it has already garnered attention at National Geographic in Washington. Please share the video widely, and follow up on its recommendations to contact Massachusetts legislators in support of geography!