Thursday, April 29, 2010

Geography Student Awards

Congratulations to two of our geography majors who have received awards at the 2010 BSC Arts & Sciences honors Awards Day on Wednesday April 28th.

Zaine Venter received the Dr. Chester and Theresa Smolski Geography Award, created and named for Professor Smolski who graduated from BSC with a geography major in 1951. This is the first year that the award has been presented.

Aimee Higgins received the Dr. Madhu Rao Scholarship Award, endowed by current faculty member, Dr. Rao. In addition, Aimee also received the Dr. George Weygand Scholarship award, endowed by Dr. Weygand, a physics professor at BSC from 1958 to 1999.

Congratulations to both of these awardees. Just goes to show how hard work and perseverance can pay off.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

World Music Festival

The Music Department will be presenting their annual day long World Music Festival on Tuesday, April 27 (today!). There will be 10 groups and 2 solo artists performing music from various parts of the world.

Here is the schedule for the entire day:
Daytime performances at CRIMSON HALL (NOT RCC FOUNTAIN AREA):
1. The Lindsays (Traditional Irish Duo) 11 PM

2. Hot Tamale Brass Band (New Orleans Jazz) 12 PM

3. Annaliva (Traditional Irish Band) 1 PM

4. Veronica Nobles and her Mariachi Band (Mexican Music) 2 PM

5. BSC Chamber Singers (Western Classical) 3 PM

6. Jason Roseman (Trinidadian and Caribbean Music) 3:30 PM

7. The Bohemian Street Chanters (A capella Ensemble) 4:15 PM

8. The Male Bonding Band (Old Timey American Folk Music) 4:30 PM
(MBB includes Dr. Hayes-Bohanan and Dr. Domingo, though Dr. Domingo will not be available today.)

Evening performance (in Horace Mann Auditorium, Boyden Hall):
1. Khakatay (BSC West African Drumming Ensemble) 7:30 PM

2. Alley Cats (All Women American Barbershop Quartet) 8 PM

3. Marcus Santos and his Brazilian Ensemble 8:30 PM
Admission is free for all performances. Refreshments will be provided during the daytime performances.

The festival is in aid of building a school in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Donations will be welcome.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Internship: Massachusetts Broadband Institute - Westboro

The Massachusetts Broadband Institute (MBI) Summer Intern will assist with a wide variety of tasks associated with the mission to bring affordable, high-speed broadband Internet access to the unserved areas of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Summer Intern will work closely with MBI staff to assist in all program activities including broadband infrastructure deployment, GIS mapping and data collection and community outreach.

GIS Position w/ the Town of Lexington

Closing date for applications: April 30, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Annual Coffee Tasting

Coffee is the second-most traded commodity in the world (after oil), and in the past 1500 years, it has spread from its origins in Ethiopia to production areas throughout the tropics, mostly in former colonies of European countries. Coffee is an excellent way to learn about the world, and where the commodities we take for granted come from. It is for this reason that the department offers two classes on coffee - a study tour to Nicaragua and a second-year seminar.

The students shown above are demonstrating that coffee comes FROM some place, in this case Peru. The annual coffee tasting has now become a focus of the Second-Year Seminar the Secret Life of Coffee, which will be held on Tuesday, April 20 from 1 to 3 p.m. The event is free and open to the public, and will be held in the campus center ball room, along with the Just Trade Fair.

Posters will focus on particular countries or on topics such as coffee preparation and marketing. Decaf will be available. See the event page for more details.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Public Lecture on Henry David Thoreau

 Jeffrey S. Cramer, Curator of Collections at the Thoreau Institute and editor of several editions of Thoreau’s works, will speak on “Living Deliberately: Thinking like Thoreau Today” on Tuesday, April 13th, from 3:00-4:30 in the Bridgewater Dining Room in the Campus Center of Bridgewater State College. Please feel free to bring classes and encourage students to attend. (NOTE VENUE CHANGE)