Friday, April 26, 2013

A.D. Makepeace Company Agricultural Internship

A.D. Makepeace Company in Carver recently approached the university in search of interns for the summer. Many of the opportunities described here are appropriate for geography majors. Please speak with any of our faculty members if you have any questions about pursuing such an internship for credit.
--- Dr. Hayes-Bohanan

Overview: The candidate chosen for this internship will receive extensive training in cranberry crop production techniques; experimental design, execution, and data analysis techniques; and geographical information (GIS) techniques. He/she will assist the principal investigator with a diversity of agricultural research projects concerning irrigation, fertigation, and bee pollination of cranberry plants.

Projects: Projects will include (but are not limited to):
  • Monitoring contributions of Phosphorous and Nitrogen from company property to water bodies (lakes, rivers, etc.) in region.
  • Monitoring impact of bog temperatures and day length on bud and flower phenological growth characteristics of new cranberry varieties.
  • Evaluation of honey and bumble bee hive placement on crop yields.
  • Monitoring impact of fertigation amounts and schedules on cranberry tissue and bog soil nutrient concentrations, which in turn will impact cranberry plant growth and yield.
  • Development of a database containing company bog “medical records” including yields, pesticide and fertilizer applications, and soil and tissue test results.
  • Production and maintenance of an insect, weed, and pathogen reference collection.
  • Evaluation of new products impacting soil moisture conditions and cranberry growth.

Duties: Duties may include (but are not limited to):
  • Collecting and analyzing soil, tissue, and water samples from company cranberry bogs for pH, nutrient content, and organic matter content.
  • Collecting site location data using GIS equipment.
  • Developing a GIS database containing fertilizer and pesticide application information, soil and tissue test results, bog yield data, and beehive locations.
  • Keying out insects to genus and species (when possible.)
  • Preparation/preservation of an immature and mature insect reference collection.
  • Performing soil amendment product evaluation trials, using CO2 backpack sprayers to apply the products.
  • Data entry and manipulation, statistical analysis, diagram production, report writing, and oral presentations.
  • Assisting with laboratory demonstrations and student exercises in sampling techniques, insect and disease identification, pH and nutrient analysis.
  • Attending internal and external research meetings and company-wide meetings.
  • Maintaining laboratory equipment and glassware.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Geography Internship 2013

Career Services would like to alert you to the below internship opportunity for students in GEOGRAPHY.
Job ID:
Job Title:
2013 Summer Internship
Organization Name :
No of Openings:
Work Schedule:
14 weeks
Hours per Week:
Internship Only: $10.00 - $14.00
Employment Start Date:
Job Description:
The Office of Transportation Planning at the Massachusetts Department of Transportation is currently seeking candidates for paid internships to work on a variety of planning projects. Students desiring introductory work experience or college credit will conduct research, collect and analyze data and prepare draft documents for planning work related to ongoing OTP multimodal initiatives. Summer Internships will be May to August for 14 weeks, full time.
This will be a rewarding and valuable experience for those currently studying Urban Planning, Transportation Planning, Geography, Transportation Engineering, Civil Engineering, public administration, or related studies.
Application Instructions:

Please email resume and cover letter to:

or mail to:
Lee Ann Wilson, Director of Administration and Finance
Office of Transportation Planning, MassDOT
10 Park Plaza, Room 4150
Boston, MA 20116

Faculty and staff can view this opportunity as well as other internship listings and full-time job openings by proceeding to CareerLink@BSU at:, entering faculty as both their Username and Password and typing in the Job ID #.

Please share the above opportunity with your colleagues and students.  Students can create their own username and password at to access all of our listings.
Please note:  All students interested in completing a credited internship should schedule an appointment their Faculty Internship Supervisor,, for approval.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Satellite Image Course is Back!

A course originally scheduled for the fall was left off Infobear, but it has been restored. It should be of interest to many current majors, as well as students in related fields. Consider this geotechnology course for your fall schedule. We have not offered it in several years, and are glad to have it back in our toolkit.

Satellite Image Processing Applications to the Environment - 
92884 - GEOG 314 - 001

Class 9:05 am - 9:55 am MWF
Conant Science and Math Center CON285
Sep 04, 2013 - Dec 19, 2013
Lecture Darcy Boellstorff

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tom Miller Two-fer

Just as no geographer should be without a few works by John McPhee on their shelves, any geographer with an interest in Latin America or the American Southwest should be reading the work of Tom Miller. Though neither is trained as a geographer, both write about places with both clarity and depth, quickly bringing the reader to sophisticated insights about the lands they cover.

Bridgewater State University is very fortunate indeed to have a visit from Tom Miller this week, in which he will speak to some individual classes as well as to two public audiences.

On Monday afternoon, April 8, he will address a special session of the Geography Frameworks class, in which he will discuss Revenge of the Saguaro:
Offbeat Travels Through America’s Southwest. In this work, Tom shares both his love for the Southwest and his pithy observations about its less-than-beautiful sides. 

Monday's talk will be at 3:20 in the Conant Lecture Hall (Room 120). Delicious coffee will be served.

On Tuesday afternoon, April 9, he will be featured at this years Latin American & Caribbean Studies keynote speaker, when he will discuss his classic Trading with the Enemy: A Yankee Travels Through Castro’s Cuba. This discussion is based on both extensive research (some of it with the help of BSU's reference librarian Pam Hayes-Bohanan), extensive travel, and personal experience as the spouse of a Cuban.

Tuesday's talk will be at 3:30 in the Heritage Room of the Maxwell Library. Refreshments will be served.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Guest Speaker in Planning

Regional transportation expert Steve Smith of SRPEDD will be a special guest in Dr. Amey's planning class on Thursday, April 4, meeting at 2:00 in room 277. Contact Dr. Amey with any questions.