Wednesday, February 29, 2012


What is wrong with this picture? What is SUFG? Is it supposed to be obscene?
This map shows students who have registered in the Speak Up For Geography campaign, which is sponsored by National Geographic and the Association of American Geographers, among others. Federal law currently lists geography as one of eleven critical disciplines, but not one of the ten critical disciplines with funding.

A number of political leaders in Washington recognize this as a serious problem, undermining our economy and national security, as well as making us look dumb compared to other countries. Unfortunately, not enough leaders understand this. Only two Massachusetts representatives (and neither Massachusetts senator) are among the sponsors of the Teaching Geography if Fundamental (TGIF) Act, nor has Governor Deval Patrick endorsed it, even though he does understand the value of geography.

SUFG is not obscene, of course, but it is obscure. A google search on the acronym brings up some unrelated stuff about electricity. We can use social media to fix this by spreading the good word about SUFG.

Friends of geography -- especially from BSU -- can fix the map by enrolling in the campaign and -- more importantly -- by urging legislators to support TGIF.

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