Monday, February 13, 2012

Missouri State Opportunities

Our department recently received this notice, with a request that we share it with our students:

The MS program in Geospatial Science at Missouri State University has 10 graduate assistantships to fill in teaching and research lines.  Undergrad students interested in graduate work in both the geosciences and GIS/remote sensing should contact Robert Pavlowsky, program director, at  . See our website  at Graduate students in the program often work within or in partnership with the Ozarks Environmental and Water Resources Institute, see website at  Recent MS theses in the program were in structural geology, geochemistry, environmental geology, hydrogeology, karst hydrology/tracing, fluvial geomorphology, water quality, watershed management, sediment contaminant transport, and GIS/Remote sensing.

Graduate assistantships available for Fall 2012 include:
(1) Teaching: geology, physical geography, and GIS/RS lab sections.
(2) Research: water quality monitoring of urban and rural watersheds.
(3) Research: geomorphic assessment of rivers.
(4) Research: mining sediment contamination in rivers.

Robert T. Pavlowsky
Director, Geospatial Science MS program
Missouri State University
Department of Geography, Geology, and Planning (GGP)
901 South National
Springfield, MO  65897

Office: 417-836-8473
Fax: 417-836-6006

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