Thursday, March 11, 2010

NASA opportunity -- deadline March 16

NASA seeks highly motivated, advanced undergraduate and early graduate students to participate in a summer 2010 research program in Earth system science using a DC-8 flying laboratory. The Student Airborne Research Program, or SARP, is managed by the National Suborbital Education and Research Center.
Selected students will acquire hands-on research experience in all aspects of a scientific campaign, using a major NASA resource for studying Earth system processes, calibration and validation of space-borne observations and prototyping instruments for possible satellite missions. Students will operate instruments aboard the DC-8 aircraft to sample atmospheric gases and to image land and water surfaces in multiple spectral bands.
Applicants should have a strong academic background in disciplines relevant to the Earth system, including the physical, chemical or biological sciences, or engineering. Applicants must have full-time student status at an accredited U.S. college or university. Women and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.
Successful applicants will be awarded a $2500 stipend for participation in the 6-week program in Southern California for classroom, laboratory and aircraft experience. NSERC will provide travel to and from California and living expenses while in California.
Applications are due March 16, 2010.
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