Thursday, March 11, 2010

Morocco field course -- Oklahoma State

The Cultural and Natural Resources of Morocco
GEOG 4910/5510 (3 credit hours, undergraduate and graduate credit options)
Oklahoma State University
May 22 to June 6, 2010

This study abroad summer course, offered through Oklahoma State University, College of A&S Outreach, will focus on themes of cultural and natural resources in Morocco and include fascinating and exciting experiences along the way.  The course instructors are Dale Lightfoot and Thomas Wikle, both in the Department of Geography at OSU.  Dr. Lightfoot has more than 15 years of experience with research and outreach projects in Morocco and the wider Middle East and North Africa region.  His co-instructor, Dr. Wikle has traveled throughout North Africa and the Middle East and has directed more than a dozen summer travel courses since 1994. 

The cost of the trip will be $4,181 for undergraduate students and $4,251 for graduate students and non-credit participants.

For more information please contact Tom Wikle ( or 405 744-7978).

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