Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mid-Year Symposium

Undergraduate Research and Creative Work
 Rondileau Campus Center 
Monday, December 9, 2013

8:30 AM—3:30 PM

Geography is going to be well-represented at this symposium. Plan to visit throughout the day to learn about exciting research being done by students in all disciplines. Of special interest are poster sessions involving students from two of our geography courses.

From Dr. Clark's Physical Geography (Honors)9:05-9:55
#41 Carolyn Sessler “Turf v. Grass Playing Field: Does Temperature Matter?”
#42 Eva Ratcliffe “Average Temperature in Mansfield, MA Taken over s 2 Week Period”
#43 Sarah Cummings “Soil Temperatures for Vegetable Gardens (Zone 6A)”
#44 Dennis Corvi “A Demonstration of the Lapse Rate and Its Effect on Cloud Formation”
#45 Amy Pistone “Titicut Reservation Temperatures”
 #46 Nathan White “Temperature Change at Different Soil Depths”
#47 Ashley Lonergan “Temperatures in the Conant Science Building”

From Prof. Maribett's First-Year Seminar
#31 –  #48 Alexis Ambar, Holly Anderson, Hector Cintron-Ortiz, Trevor Goehring, Kaitlyn Grafton, Alexa Hambly, James Lind, Vanessa McGrath, John Morton, Karen Ormaza, Katherine Pickard, Courtney Pierce, Eva Ratcliffe, Joseph Rosso, William Taft, Nick Viola, Tyler Walton, Tatiana Williams
Big Perma: Should we be practicing Permaculture here at BSU?”

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