Friday, June 28, 2013

Changing Andean Microclimates

Today we received news from Dr. Rob Hellström, who poses here with a new instrument station in the Peruvian Andes. It is on the shore of Lake Cuchilla, at base of melting glacier about 4700 meters above sea level (15,300 ft or so), itself an indicator of climate change. Three stations where installed every 200 meters down to the base of a massive previously glaciated valley called Quillcayhuanca and data from all of the stations will be downloaded next summer to analyze microclimate impacts on water resources.  

Dr. Rob Hellström will be installing instruments tomorrow in the nearby valley of Llanganuco, where he is  upgrading an existing weather network.  All this is part of a much larger water resources project with teams from McGill University and his alma mater The Ohio State University.

He reports being almost fully recovered from mild altitude sickness and ready for next excursion tomorrow in Llanganuco Valley. Explore the region below. The photo was taken at 9 degrees 24.841' South, 77 degrees 21.296' west.

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