Thursday, March 22, 2012

La Isla Speaker

La Isla Foundation is an NGO based in León, Nicaragua, that provides political and economic support to sugarcane workers and their families in Chichigalpa, Nicaragua. In this region of Nicaragua and throughout the Pacific lowlands of Central America, sugarcane workers are afflicted with chronic and deadly renal disease owing to their working conditions in the sugarcane fields and factories. The name “La Isla” refers to “La Isla de Viudas” – The Isle of Widows – so named for the wives and children left behind when their fathers, uncles, and brothers die of kidney disease as young as age 25.

Jason Glaser of La Isla will be a guest speaker in all of Dr. Hayes-Bohanan's classes on Tuesday, March 27. Geographers are welcome to visit any of the three classes, with a preference for the 9:30 class, when there is more room available.

The classes are all in Room 279. Organic coffee will be served.

GEOG 431: 9:30-10:45 am
GEOG 298: 12:30-1:45 pm
GEOG 298: 2:00-3:15 pm

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