Monday, April 11, 2011

Domingo Update

Members and friends of the Geography Department will be pleased -- but not surprised -- to know that Dr. Domingo is busily applying his knowledge of and enthusiasm for geography while on sabbatical in Malaysia. While living in Melaka and continuing his work on access to water at the University of Malaya, he took a short trip to Cambodia. There he visited the famous Angkor Wat and -- more importantly -- spent some time with Dr. Kevin Curry, our colleague from the Biology Department, on his projects providing clean water in small villages.

Writing to us just today, Dr. Domingo shared his impression that: 
"...people you meet even casually, know more about the the people and places that make up our world than the average American does. Purposeful travel is important but without the full inclusion of geography in the school curriculum, the U.S. will never be able to close the geographic literacy gap. Where else but in the geography curriculum will students learn about the monsoons, the diffusion of Hinduism and Buddhism, the role of the trading in the Straits of Melaka, the dynamism of the city-state of Singapore, and of course the economic emergence of China?"
 He also shared a few photographs (click to enlarge):

With Dr. Curry in Cambodia
Dr. Curry demonstrating water filter
A good geographer always notices the
local transportation.

Dr. Domingo with geography graduate students,
University of Malaya

Dr. Domingo is out-standing in his field!
(a rice padi, that is!)

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